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Ugly Cats

Ugly Cat Contest - Some of our Visitors' Entries

Here are some previous entries for the Ugly Cat Contest. Some of these cats sound vile indeed!

Many thanks to the people who took the time to answer the Ugly Cat Contest Questionnaire. These entries are truly inspirational! Keep 'em coming! If you have previously entered this contest, and do not see your lurid Ugly Cat description listed here, feel free to resubmit. Some of the entries have been lost when there was web host switch-over.  We apologize for this inconvenience.

To submit an ugly cat entry, use this feedback form (we are sharing this form with some other "sister" sites of ours). Choose the "Ugly Cats" from the drop-down menu and give your email address and a description of your hideous cat. Thanks!

Submitted by:
C Howard

Category: How ugly?--hideous

"Miss Bones, AKA Bug Girl (NOT the young lady in Ohio whose license plate is Bug Girl - no connection at all) has a long, flat head, needlenose, sharp chin, ugly black lips, lower right fang rotted out of her mouth, loud shrill voice, very skittish and greedy and possessive, thin skin which she is always scratching at (I especially love picking up her scabs and sores after she's picked them off), green guilty-looking eyes, coarse short rat hair, skinny bony legs, big back feet, ringed monkey tail...she doesn't scratch you but she will dig her sharp claws in. And she rarely shuts up, except to take a nap. Truly vile.

Other names for her include Eel Girl, Lizard Squeak, and Rat Cat. She usually looks like she's glowering at you, but her eyes get disgustingly wide when she thinks there's food coming. This particular slice of hell dates back to fall 1987. I had a fat, pretty, sweet and stupid cat but she had to be put down. So that leaves the rat girl."

Submitted by:
Todd Levinson

Category: revolting


Submitted by:
Katz Erzinger

Category: revolting

"Bob likes to get on my chest when I'm in bed & park his butt right in my face, this is revolting, I wouldn't mind if he had a tail to cover his______. You see he is a Manx."

Submitted by:
Charity Smith-Engelin

Lexi - Ugly Cat
Click to enlarge

Category: hideous

"We would have preferred to the term "demonic" to describe our cat, Lexi, but lacking that we went with hideous. Aside from the obvious aesthetic disadvantages that Lexi has, namely the giant scorch mark in the middle of her nose-less face, the fact that she doesn't groom herself AT ALL, and the neck-brace-like lumps of matted fur that form behind her ears, Lexi has many more undesirable characteristics. For starters, she hears voices. She is a bona fide schizophrenic and has required psychotropic drugs to treat her for her condition. At times, you can actually see the inner torment on her face. As you can imagine, this makes her very popular with her feline siblings.

Perhaps the most delightful surprise is that Lexi likes to pee on the floor. She doesn't just go in one spot on the floor, she goes everywhere. Her favorite places to go are beneath windows and under beds, although she has nothing against the laundry pile! There's nothing quite like the Texas sunshine beating in on the cat-urine-stained carpet beneath the window!

By the way, we got Lexi from a lawyer friend of ours... rather a lawyer that used to be a friend of ours. The life lesson learned here is 'never take free pets from lawyers.'"

Submitted by: Beth

Category: hideous

"He's a Devon Rex, which are pretty strange looking ANYWAY, with the short, short curly hair and huge ears. But our kitty also has allergies, resulting in goo around his ears, eyes and nose, as well as the occasional scabs. He has bald spots. His tummy is furless, and fat, on a very skinny frame, so when he sits down he has ripples and ripples of naked pink cat belly, saggy and withery. He is covered in warts, literally. He has alien-like feet and a long, skinny, almost furless tail. He sort of looks like the love child of a rat, a bat, and E.T. Toss Yoda in there somewhere, too."

AyeshaAyesha - Former Ugly Cat of the Month

Submitted by: Karen

Category: unattractive.

With an annoying nasal meow, long sharp nose and too-close-together eyes, this cat is a real prize. She has a bald spot and scar on her hipbone area where she had a tumor removed.  Her fur is like "stringy rat tail hair" and she has long hair between her toes.

Currently residing in the Midwest.


Thanks for these great entries! We are looking forward to many more!

(My my, so many ugly cats out there!)


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